11 AUGUST 2018, Saturday 5.30-6.30pm

The Arts House | Living Room

How does fiction shape the construction of historical narratives and what is the role that it plays in the ways in which history is understood (or misunderstood) by readers? What can alternative narratives and stories tell us about the way history is experienced by individuals in contrast to the collective consciousness? Join us for this special panel discussion with Meira Chand, Warren Kalasegaran and Cheah Sinnan discuss these issues, in relation to their own works of fiction that explore multiple facets of the Japanese Occupation of Singapore. This session is moderated by Phan Ming Yen.


30 Jun 2018, Saturday 2.30-3.30pm

Central Public Library, Multi-Purpose Room

Moderated by Lim Cheng Tju

In light of Singapore's bicentennial celebration next year and the subsequent pushback, this panel offers an alternative to the usual Singapore histories and heritage narratives. Join the comic creators of COSH (Comics of Singapore Histories), a new comics collective in Singapore, to explore the human stories behind 19th century piracy in our waters, the secrets of kungfu dough and the mystery of Yamashita's gold in the National Gallery. Get to meet Cheah Sin Ann (Terumbu), Don Low  (Kungfu Dough), Joelyn Alexandra and Elvin Ching (Unstable Foundations).

30 Jun 2018, Saturday 10.30am-1.30pm

Central Public Library, Multi-Purpose Room

How does a writer and an artist work collaboratively to build a world marred by destruction? Join Dave Chua and Max Loh as they guide you through the worldbuilding process. Dave Chua will discuss coming up with ideas, while Max Loh will provide character and environment design ideas to populate your own dystopia.

Participants will come up with their own dystopian world and the characters and environments that populate it.

The two will also talk about the creative synergy and stumbling blocks they encountered while creating the world of We’ll Eat When We’re Done, a zombie apocalypse-inspired story with elements of Singaporean food culture weaved into it.

Registration is required, please do so at 


courtesy of The Rolling Ronins, Booth F5

30 Jun 2018, Saturday - 1 Jul 2018, Sunday

Atria Shopping Gallery, Event Hall Level 3

Hello COSH fans! Some of our books will be available at Comic Art Festival Kuala Lumpur happening this weekend at The Rolling Ronins's booth at Booth F5! If you've ever been itching to get our books on this side of the causeway, now's your golden opportunity! We only have limited copies available along with some other awesome stuff at the booth, so head on down bright and early! We'd love to see you there!

5 MAY 2018, Saturday 4.00-6.00pm

Kinokuniya Main Store (Level 4, Takashimaya S.C.)

Moderated by Gwee Li Sui

They whisper in the gutters between the factual and the fantastical, to imagined futures,
pluralities and alternatives, where crispy rendang may not be such an impossibility.
Come this year’s Free Comic Book Day, the seven teams behind the COSH Studios will be
signing books and speaking about their books at the main Kinokuniya store at Ngee Ann City.
Be prepared for a session of adventure, fun, and interesting perspectives of histories.

13 APRIL 2018, Friday 7.00-9.00pm

ArtBlovk Gallery

Works from COSH titles Coalition of the Savoury Spare Parts, Final Resting Place​, Guidebook To Nanyang Diplomacy, Kungfu Dough, Terumbu, Unstable Foundations, ​and We’ll Eat When We’re Done will showcase behind-the-scenes sketches, originals, or prints. With a crew comprised of both industry veterans and new names, so be prepared for a spectrum of styles and stories. See something you like? Certain pieces will be up for sale or get your own copy of any of the titles on sale at the gallery - so you can take a piece of heritage home with you!

11 MARCH 2018, Sunday 6.00-7.00pm

The Arts House | Living Room

Be transported to the time of martial arts clans and street hawkers with Don Low’s Kungfu Dough, or go further back in time and relive a love story set in early colonial Singapore in Cheah SinAnn’s Terumbu. Readers preferring the contemporary can explore the halls of the National Gallery or potentially discover treasure in Joelyn Alexandra’s and Elvin Ching’s collaboration, Unstable Foundations. Alternatively, launch yourself into a post-apocalyptic future, where We’ll Eat When We’re Done with Dave Chua’s and Max Loh’s story.

11 MARCH 2018, Sunday 2.00-5.00pm

The Arts House | Council Room

Working With Others In The Sequential Arts

Many have claimed writing or drawing to be a solitary task. Does storytelling have the same advice tagged on it? More often than not, comics are the result of the hard work from many contributors – writers, colourists, letterers, artists, just to name a few. Even Stan Lee didn’t write or draw all his comics on his own!

Lim Cheng Tju, Benjamin Chee, Dave Chua, and Max Loh have put a workshop together, exploring the writer-artist partnership that commonly happens behind comic creation – independent or commercial. Writers or artists looking for collaboration will also get an opportunity to experience working with potential partners.

New Titles by COSH Studios

11 NOVEMBER 2017, Saturday 8.30-9.30pm

The Arts House, Gallery II

Mix heritage, history, and culture with colour, panels, and a tinge of imagination, and you get the stories COSH Studios are raring to tell.

Live through Singapore in the 1910s through five different people in the Guidebook to
Nanyang Diplomacy
by Lim Cheng Tju and Benjamin Chee. Listen in to the politics of food and business in the Coalition of the Savoury Spare Parts by Koh Hong Teng and Oh Yong Hwee. Or run into the Bukit Brown Caretaker in a place where many Singaporeans called their Final Resting Place – James Tan will help you with that.

Whether you’re in for an action-packed, adventure through history, or want to indulge in a little nostalgia, COSH STUDIOS will have something for you at this launch.