Guidebook To Nanyang Diplomacy

The Sepoy Mutiny. An Assassin’s Determination. An Agent’s Sense of Duty. A Mutineer’s Lament. A Mysterious Servant.

The Beginning of the End of Empire. The Rise of the Dragon.

It all happens in Singapore, February 1915. Recorded in this

long out-of-print Guidebook to Nanyang Diplomacy.

A colonial classic.

ISBN 978-981-11-4908-5

Paperback, 64pp, black and white, 230mm x 160mm

"...a well-paced short read that kept me on my toes throughout."



Lim Cheng Tju reads too many comics. He writes about them, edits graphic novels and now has written one himself.

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Benjamin Chee adores food, stories, pixels, and historical novels. He makes comics set in a food-centric universe. He claims he does not eat too much char siew.

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