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Guidebook To Nanyang Diplomacy

The Sepoy Mutiny. An Assassin’s Determination. An Agent’s Sense of Duty. A Mutineer’s Lament. A Mysterious Servant.

The Beginning of the End of Empire. The Rise of the Dragon.

It all happens in Singapore, February 1915. Recorded in this

long out-of-print Guidebook to Nanyang Diplomacy.

A colonial classic.

ISBN 978-981-11-4908-5

Paperback, 64pp, black and white, 230mm x 160mm

"...a well-paced short read that kept me on my toes throughout."


CT Lim COSH comic writer

Lim Cheng Tju reads too many comics. He writes about them, edits graphic novels and now has written one himself.

Benjamin Chee COSH comic artist
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Benjamin Chee adores food, stories, pixels, and historical novels. He makes comics set in a food-centric universe. He claims he does not eat too much char siew.

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