Unstable Foundations

With university fees and other financial isues on Madeline’s mind, finding Yamashita’s Gold with her cousin, Nathaniel, seemed to be the best idea.
But when she meets McRitchie, a veteran traveller with an ambiguous origin, she starts questioning the legitimacy of the treasure, and what’s truly valuable to her.

ISBN 978-981-11-5316-7

Paperback, 64pp, black and white, 230mm x 160mm

Joelyn Alexandra COSH comic writer
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Joelyn is an urban speculative fiction story-gamer. She manages indie zine Pulp Toast and has been published by Two Trees, Math Paper Press, Ethos Books, and Buku Fixi.

Elvin Ching COSH comic artist
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Drawing on his experiences in film, storyboarding, and cinematic art, Elvin has had work featured in Liquid City (Image Comics) and the comic book miniseries The Drift.

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